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  • Parents

    Parenthood comes with its own unique challenges. As your kiddo(s) grow and crawl, step, and run into new childhood and dare I say, teen stages, you and your partner likely feel like you’re being pushed and pulled into all different directions. You’ve probably wished for a second set of hands at one point or another.

    As partners, your roles and responsibilities shift from each season of your relationship and as your kid(s) transition from one stage to the next.

    The stressors you face as parents may include:

    • Less alone time and/or intimacy
    • Disagreement on parenting styles and managing child behaviors
    • Feelings of loneliness
    • Conflict related to the involvement of other family members (e.g., in-laws)
    • Differing and/or miscommunicated expectations about parental and household roles and responsibilities
    • Difficulty with home and work-life balance

    If you find that you are experiencing some of these challenges, I encourage you to reach out. Being a parent is an amazingly difficult and fulfilling job. I would love to help you and your partner continue to build and strengthen your relationship while managing these stressors of parenthood. I want to help you get to a place where you feel like you are both on the same page – connected and better supported by one another.